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Synopsis of the film The Nut Job 2 2016

Synopsis of the film The Nut Job 2 2016 - Not only starring Jeff Dunham, Rob Tinkler, and also Joe Pingue, this movie also starring Will Arnett, Katerine Heigl, Nathan Lee, Stephen Lang, Brendan Fraser, and Maya Rudolph. The film is scheduled to be released in Indonesia in February 2016, this highly anticipated, given the first sequel of the film is enough demand in the market. So it is not surprising that many are looking for a synopsis of the film The Nut Job 2 2016 this oneDaftar Film Di Bulan Maret 2016.

Synopsis of the film The Nut Job 2 2016 begins at Surly (Will Arnet) which is a smart squirrel who lives in a city park looks hungry and trying to find food. Until she arrived in a roof of shops after passing through several pigeons perched on wires. On the roof of the first he saw a big billboard picture "Mom's Apple Pie" that suddenly turned into an eagle image that instantly makes Surly shocked and fell from the roof. However, since the incident he could see a shop that turns out to sell various kinds of "Nut" A Surly.

Daftar Film Terbaru Bulan Februari 2016Without wasting time, Surly straight to his friend Andie (Katerine Heigl) who is a rat. They were with friends one gang like Racoon (Liam Neeson), Grayson (Brendan Fraser) and others tried to break into the store "Nut" is. Initially they gathered to plan a plan that will be used to break into the store. The plan was initially successful but because over time the shopkeepers suspicious because often there are items missing in his shop he decided to buy a guard dog that will keep the store every night. What is the fate Surly and his colleagues next? What their next plan? So Synopsis of the film The Nut Job 2 2016 certainly makes you more curious to see firsthand. Be patient because the film will be released a few months ahead in your favorite cinemas. See More >>> Sinopsis Drama Korea

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